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Amanda Bishop Photo by Kara Stewart Photography

Amanda Bishop

Photo by Kara Stewart Photography

Mothers and fathers-to-be in Redding, CA and the greater Shasta County have many choices to make that will greatly effect the birth process and the memories they will make when their new addition arrives. Amanda offers emotional, physical and informational support during your birth process. She asks all the right questions, helps you prepare for birth in every way, and then brings an uncanny peace and calm to the birth process. She helps you decide how YOU want your birth to go, and then helps insure the experience is a great and beautiful one. Click here to learn more about the services Amanda offers.

Herbal Essentials

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Amanda's specially formulated herbal blends help naturally reduce pain and swelling, stave off infection, and help your body during pregnancy, labor, birth and after birth to help your body feel it's best.  She not only brings peace into your birthing experience, but she also brings in a variety of soothing and healing pharmaceutical grade essential oils, organic, wildcrafted & kosher steeped herbs for compresses and rinses, and an electrolyte beverage to help balance your body's PH and give it the energy it needs to labor effectively. Click here to learn more about the products offered.


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Prenatal Massage Package Available



Boheme Salon & Spa!


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Client Testimonial

When faced with some unwanted interventions and desiring to have a birth as natural as possible in a hospital setting I decided to contact Amanda knowing I’d need an advocate and extra support for my husband and me. Amanda was indeed these things and so much more as she helped me identify my true fears regarding birth allowing me to go into this beautiful experience strong and ready to partner with God to bring life into this world. My birth was everything I hoped for and she played a vital role in this outcome.
— Erin Cullop
Photo taken by The Essential Doula

Photo taken by The Essential Doula